DigitalOcean Coupon & Promo Codes for July 2017

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So far, DigitalOcean has been known as one of the best hosting providers. With a cheap price level, what DigitalOcean gave us was just awesome: hosting plans with robust VPS server. You can start for only $5/month with 512MB of memory, 1 Core CPU, 20GB SSD disk and 1TB bandwidth…


DigitalOcean is well-known as the most simple open cloud VPS hosting based on US Company. Now, anyone who signup for an account can be received a $10 to $20 free credits with promo code which means a 2 month or 4 month free VPS hosting when buy a $5 VPS plan, go to DigitalOcean Review 2017 to read more.

Moreover, after sale – service is also very professional, the supporter answers quickly and enthusiastic. And no need to worry about payment method cause you can easily use PayPal to pay.

Today, I’m going to share a very special promo code from this provider.

This month, they launch a competitive SSD – based Virtual Servers. The promo code is very useful for anyone who want to find a good hosting or server provider. For $10 free credit, you can use DigitalOcean service for around 2 months.

Click link below to get the promo code:


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Get $50 Free Credit December 2017
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DigitalOcean promo code free $10 credit to get you startedDecember 2017
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Get $25 credit when you sign up December 2017
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Free Credit: $10 free for 2 months virtual servers December 2017
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For $10 in credit. December 2017
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$10 credit with promo code December 2017
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For free $10 Credit December 2017
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$10 credit with promo code December 2017
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$10 credit in your billing account December 2017
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For free $10 Credit December 2017
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$10 in Credit December 2017
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Free two months vps. December 2017
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GET $20 FREE CREDITDecember 2017
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Free $5 Credit December 2017
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Free 2 months DO VPS December 2017
I’ve been trying Digital Ocean and completely satisfied with their products. So let experience.Remember that you have to use the promo code right after registering in order to get the credit.DigitalOcean only allow one promo code per account, so if you’ve redeemed one in the past you may not add another. To see your promo code history please visit your billing page.

How to get start?

First, visit the official site –

Second, Signup for a Digital Ocean account for simply enter your email and password

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Third, after registration, login your Digital Ocean account and click the “Get Started” button to continue:


Fourth, click on the add credit card button (in fact, no credit card added required), then enter the promo code we are given and it will be redeemed automatically – $20 or $10 based on different Digital Ocean Coupon you are using.

Digitalocean $20 Credits Coupon:


Fifth, then deposit a $5 via paypal or credit card to your Digital Ocean account, the totally $25 is going to become available and it can be bought a 5 months vps cloud hosting – that’s mean $1/mo ONLY.

OK, everything done. You buy 1 month VPS for $5 ONLY with a 512MB RAM but you get the same server free for an additional 4 months.

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