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GoDaddy is a household name and a very well known domain registrar (millions of websites call GoDaddy there home), as well as a hosting company. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 10 years chances are you’ve probably heard of them. Many people are actually surprised that they are also a web hosting provider. You might be interested to know what other webmasters are saying about GoDaddy Coupons. Are they experiencing positive or negative experiences with them? However, as I have said many times I will buy domain names with them; I certainly will not host with them. There are many other competing companies such as InMotion which I would recommend ten-fold over GoDaddy. Unfortunately, a lot of first time webmasters make the mistake of giving them a try, only to be let down by countless problems.

Rather than me just writing a negative review on them I want to dive deep into what hosting features they offer, how good their uptime is, what you can expect with performance, and last but not least how good is their customer support. I have developed a rating system at the top of this page which shows how I rate them as a web hosting provider. I look at all kinds of information on the internet and try to write the most accurate review of their service, the best I can. So, stay tuned because my GoDaddy review will give multiple reasons on why I do not recommend you do business with them.

GoDaddy Features

GoDaddy, like most competing web hosting companies offers a wide variety of web hosting packages that you can choose from. Obviously, they offer domain names, but they also offer shared, VPS, and dedicated web hosting. Below I am going to show you all the plans they are offering at this time.

GoDaddy’s Shared Plans

The 3 plans they are currently offering for shared hosting are:

  • Economy (lowest $4.99/month).
  • Deluxe (medium $5.99/month).
  • Premium (highest $7.99/month).

These packages are a great option for blogs, local sites, small businesses, and any type of site that isn’t going to receive over 150 unique visitors per day. They come fully integrated with all the latest bells and whistles to get your website up to speed. The prices are quite cheap compared to other web hosting companies.

GoDaddy’s VPS Plans

The 5 plans they are currently offering for VPS are:

  • Economy ($29.99/month).
  • Value ($39.99/month).
  • Deluxe ($59.99/month).
  • Premium ($79.99/month).
  • Ultimate ($149.99/month).

I am giving you the prices based on a month to month basis. If you pay for your service 6, 12, 24 months in advanced you’ll receive a lower monthly rate. These VPS packages are great for medium to large sized business’s and come with a plethora of resources to handle large volume of web traffic.

GoDaddy’s Dedicated Plans

For dedicated plans they offer are:

  • Economy ($99.99/month).
  • Deluxe ($199.99/month).
  • Premium ($299.99/month).
  • Value Deal ($149.99/month).
  • Power Player ($249.99/month).
  • MemoryHog which is also ($249.99/month).

Express Email Marketing


If you’re considering an email plan with GoDaddy they offer 3 packages which should be able to accommodate all your email needs. Let’s take a look at the three email packages:

  • Economy (9.99/month) 500 subscribers
  • Deluxe (12.99/month) 2,500 subscribers
  • Premium (19.99/month) 10,000 subscribers

Premium will allow you to purchase upgrades of up to 100,000 subscribers for $150/month.

I should note that every plan comes with an easy email editor, 20,000 images which you can customize your campaigns, easy sign-up forms for your websites, real-time tracking, and social media integration.

Site Support

Also, like most other companies they do offer you a free domain when you decide to host with them. However, nearly almost every web hosting company I have reviewed offers the same thing. GoDaddy is simply no different in allowing you to acquire a domain with a hosting package. GoDaddy will allow you to host your website on 3 different types of OS, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora. Optionally, you can always use the Windows operating system if you desire to. For configuring your servers you can use Plesk, and as of lately they even allow you to use cPanel. For years GoDaddy didn’t support cPanel. Announced in 2013, GoDaddy is even going to be partnering with CloudLinux to protect their clients servers, in terms of stability and security.

Really, GoDaddy is a feature-rich web hosting provider that should easily provide you any and everything you need to get a website up and running. You can purchase website builders, SEO services, etc.

Now, that we know all the features GoDaddy offers lets give them a test drive.

GoDaddy Performance


GoDaddy does have performance issues. They are not as fast as Danica Patrick.

My Godaddy Review from this point on simply goes south and here is why. Speed is definitely a big factor and I was unfortunate to learn this first hand. In the very beginning of my online ventures before I new anything about web development and really anything about how to develop and build a website I learned an important lesson with GoDaddy.

Please feel free to leave me and others comments (down below) about your personal experiences with GoDaddy so that everyone can benefit from it.

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